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L.A Translation Headquarters  

koreaninterpreters.net is a subsidiary company of L.A. Institute of Translation and Interpretation, which has educated over 500 Korean interpreters and produced many top quality court certified interpreters since 2003. koreaninterpreters.net also cooperates closely with its subsidiary company in Korea (ezercom.com).  We specialize in multilingual translations, translating exotic languages into Korean, and Korean into 100 languages of the world.


koreaninterpreters.net has the best pool of Korean translators and interpreters available.
koreaninterpreters.net has provided large scale translations from Korean to English and English to Korean
and is capable of meet the needs and deadlines of large volume projects. Below are a few of our previous large scale projects:

  • Boeing’s RFT to Republic of Korea Air Force
  • Translation of Korean into English for lawsuits involving major Korean companies such as Apple vs. Samsung,
  • Kolon, LG Inotek, and Hyosung
  • Translation of manuals from Korean into 100 languages for Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Heavy Industry.


L.A. Institute of Translation and Interpretation is a graduate school established in 2003 with its main office in Los Angeles, California and with branch schools in China and Korea (www.latranslation.com). Today L.A. Institute of Translation and Interpretation offers a wide spectrum of language training and related services in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Armenian and Spanish as follows.

M.A. in Translation and Interpretation

Our headquarters in Los Angeles, California, provides M.A. in Translation and Interpretation, a two-year program requiring 72 credit hours of study. The students are intensively trained in court, medical, administrative hearing translation and interpretation and are equipped to provide top quality service to clients.

One-Year Program in Translation and Interpretation
Spanish, Chinese, Korean

One-year certificate program is to prepare the students to become certified by the State of California through 24 units of study. LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation provides intensive training in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Armenian and Arabic.


English as Second Language instruction is provided for foreign students studying in the United States. A variety of course options include small group instruction, private immersion programs, and dynamic intercultural programs.

Six-Month Mission Language Training

L.A. has State of California Certified Interpreters in almost all languages, and LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation has a pool of those interpreters who are willing to provide customized language training for missionaries on Sabbatical, or those prospective missionaries.

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