Korean Interpreter – Jiyoung

Korean interpreter Jiyoung








Korean/English Interpretation for the Medical/Psychiatric, Legal, Administrative, Educational, Entertainment, Diplomatic, and Seminar/Conference Assignments.


  • BA in Intercultural Studies/Theater Arts, 1988 to 1993, Univ. of CA, Les Angeles (UCLA)
  • MA in Asian Studies/Asian Theater, 1993 to 1995, Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Completion of Counseling (Models/Methods of Counseling, Addictive Behavioral Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy) Course, 1996 to 1997, Univ. of the Nations, Kona, Hawaii


  • Traveled to 16 countries since 1990 to the present, involving in education/training, counseling, missions and interpretation
  • Directed Theatrical/Musical Productions in Russia/Kazakhstan, 1990; in Los Angeles, 1992; in the Philippines/Malaysia, 1996
  • Interpreted and trained students at the Univ. of the Nations (the main campus is in Kona, Hawaii with branches in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Canberra, Australia) with the Colleges of Counseling/Health Care and Christian Ministries from 1997 to 2001
  • Interpreted and worked at the Antioch International, Los Angeles from 2001 to the present as an Academic advisor and a Small group leader
  • State of California Medical Certified Interpreter, #500352
  • From 2003, I have been fulfilling countless interpretation assignments in the medical, legal, insurance, business, educational, and entertainment arenas


  • 1997, two 3-months Counseling courses at the Univ_ of the Nations (U of N, hereon), Lausanne, Switzerland (Jan to Apr and May to Aug)
  • U of N Biennial Leadership International Conference in Korea (Sept)
  • A Communication Course at the U of N, Gothenburg, Sweden (Oct to Dec)
  • 1998, 2 Counseling Courses at the U of N, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • 1999, Israeli-Palestinian Relations Course at the U of N, Jerusalem, Israel (Apr to Aug)
  • Alcoholic Rehab Center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (Nov to Dec), counseled and interpreted
  • 2000— 2001, two Family Counseling/Therapy Courses at the U of N, Canberra, Australia
  •  2002, Elementary Academic Curriculum Seminar (April) at the Gospel Broadcasting Company, Los Angeles
  •  School of prayer (May to Aug), Antioch International, Los Angeles
  •  Islam Ramadan Seminar (July), Antioch International, Los Angeles
  •  Businessmen’s Training Course (Sept. ’02 to May ’03), Antioch Int’l, Los Angeles
  •  2003, School of prayer (May to Aug), Antioch Int’l, Los Angeles
  •  International Relations Seminar (July), Antioch Intl, Los Angeles
  •  Interregional U of N Conference, Seoul, Korea (Sept to Oct)
  • School of Education (Oct and Nov), Antioch Intl, Los Angeles
  •  Family Camp (Dec), Antioch Intl, Los Angeles
  • 2004, Government Aid in Small Business/Construction Seminar (Feb), Gospel Broadcasting Co., Los Angeles
  •  School of Education (Mar to Apr), Antioch Intl, Los Angeles
  •  North Korean Political Ideology Seminar (May), Los Angeles
  • School of Community Development (Jun to Sept), Antioch Intl, Los Angeles
  • Simultaneous Interpretation at the New Hope Chapel (Jan ’04 to the present), Burbank,California
  • California Medical Certification as an independent contractor
  • 2005, School of prayer (Mar and Apr), Antioch Intl, Los Angeles
  • Fundraising Seminar (Jun) sponsored by the Shalom Disability Operation, Los Angeles
  • Exploration trip to China (July), sponsored by the New Hope Chapel, Burbank, California
  • Businessmen’s Training Course (Oct to Dec), Sunland, California
  • 2006, Businessmen’s Training Course (Jan to present), Diamond Bar, West Covina, Cypress and Sunland
  • School of Intercultural Training (Mar to present), Antioch Intl, Los Angeles
  • Annual Pastor’s Seminar (April), Gospel Broadcasting Company, Los Angeles