Korean Medical Interpreters

Koreaninterperters.net located in Los Angeles, New York and Seoul provides top quality Korean medical interpretation services; our certified Korean interpreters are well versed in medical terminology in Korean and in English, and we assure you, we can make that doctor appointment for you or your loved one smooth, productive, and stress-free. Give as a call at 213-387-3124 for your Korean medical interpretation needs, and we can set you up with one of our expert Korean interpreters quickly and easily, either over the phone or on-site.

koreaninterperters.net provides Certificate of 40-hour training on Korean Medical Interpreting in Los Angeles and Seoul, and koreaninterpreters.net will be happy to provide you with the most qualified Korean medical interpreters for the most technical medical needs in Korea and in the U.S. as well as any part of the world.

If you travel to Korean for medical needs, our Korean branch (ezercom.com) will provide a Korean medical interpreter to pick you up at the airport, take you to the hospital, and interpret between you and the physician, and be there for you until you finally take the airplane to go home. The Korean interpreters have certificates in medical Korean interpreting approved by the U.S. Government.

We have certified medical interpreters working at various hospitals and for worker’s compensation cases.  Our interpreters are also rigorously trained for KFDA audit of KGMP in the U.S.

Examples of Korean medical translations done by our Korean medical interpreters:

•Translation of product inserts for cosmetic products

• Translation of product inserts for food supplement products

• Translation of medical records

• Translation of product inserts for biochemical reagents
• Translation and localization of user’s manuals for medical equipments and devices
• Translation and localization of user’s manuals for professional skincare equipments
• Translation and localization of user’s manuals for lab equipment and protocols for biomedical research

• Translation of articles of biomedical research
• Translation of research articles of medicine, dentistry, and public health
• Translation of public health brochures
• Translation of patents in biomedical research
• Translation of patents in pharmacological research
• Interpretation for professional medical, dental, and biomedical research conferences

Call us at 213-387-3124 for your needs to find Korean interpreters in Los Angeles CA, Orange County CA,  Irvine CA, San Diego CA, New York NY, Chicago IL, San Francisco CA,  Miami FL, Atlanta GA, Washington DCHouston TX, Las Vegas NV, New Jersey NJBoston MANew Haven CTSeattle WA, Oregon, Vancouver BC Canada, Toronto Canada, Arthur Canada, Seoul Korea, Pusan Korea, Anyang Korea, Bucheon Korea, London UK,  and all over the world.