Korean Translator and Interpreter – Gloria




Stanford University, Stanford, CA. Pursuing BA degree with honors in Economics and International Relations.

Honors thesis on the changing political and economic alliance between the United States and the Republic of Korea in the post-Cold War era. Coursework includes international economics, finance, statistics, political economies, antitrust and regulation, foreign relations, and East Asian studies.


Oxford University, Oxford, England. Coursework included modern British economy and modern European governments. Tutorial studies on theories and politics of the European Union. Research papers on the wage distribution in England, constitutional reforms and European institutions. 


Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. Attended workshops and panel discussions about economic, social and cultural globalization in Korea, participated in fieldtrips to NGOs, government offices and the corporate sector, and wrote research paper on the globalization of food culture in Korea. 


Guest Contracted Consultant, Community Foundation Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA. Co-led the project with another guest consultant, formulated a plan and a scope of the quantitative analysis study of economic variables to donation levels in Silicon Valley. Assembled and analyzed datasets with Excel and statistical software.


Student Advisor, Overseas Internship Program at Center of East Asian Studies, Stanford University. Promoted the internship program at information sessions and fairs, interviewed and helped internship candidates and helped compile an orientation handbook.


Consulting Intern, Deloitte Consulting Korea, Seoul, Korea. Joined various teams at both the client sites and the headquarters. Gained experience with a consumer relationship management project and project focusing on increasing the average revenue per user at SK Telecom Corporation. Conducted various market and data research on the telecommunications industry, telecom companies, and SK’s internal patterns. Prepared and edited slides for presentations and translated various articles from English to Korean and vice versa. Frequently used Power Point and Excel. Joined a proposal team and translated various materials for the process innovation project proposal to Hyundai Motors. Worked with a team on IT investment evaluations for Hanaro Telecom. Helped formulate a return on investment calculator depending on varying conditions and situations using Excel.


Research Assistant, Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology and Stanford Institute of International Studies, Stanford University. Analyzed the labor trend of Southeast Asian migrant workers in Korea and the effect on the perception of ethnic homogeneity. Compiled data regarding the comfort women system during the Pacific War. Helped analysis of the role of sports, pop culture and transnational media in formulating a national character and strengthening nationalism. Translated articles from Korean to English.

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