Korean translator as a blue ocean job

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30 years ago when  I first started translating, translation was a hard labor.  You had to look up a

thick dictionary, write on a paper, and then type on a Smith Corona typewriter which was so noisy that

neighbors complained.  Then your printer was so slow it made noise all night.  The technology

developed so much since then, making the job of Korean translator one of the best jobs in the world.

Now you have Microsoft Word, with such amazing functions as Check Grammar and Proofing,

Automatic correction functions which increase the speed of translation.  Trados, although not

limited in its effective use in Korean setting, is another amazing invention for translators.

Emails enable us to receive and send files all over the world in a second.  Naver and Daum provide

amazing sources for translation.  You can look up words in a second, and if those words are so

new that they are not in the dictionary yet, you can search professional articles to find right match.  If

you still cannot find translation, then y0u are the first one to introduce the translation.  Added to all

the above benefits of modern technology is the laser printer which prints so fast and so neatly that

you can work right up to one minute before meeting your client.

All the technological development contributed to translation efficiency.  I started my first job at $6

per page which took me an hour to translate, but now they pay me $100 per page which takes me fifteen

minutes.  You can make up to $2000 a day translating, without any overhang expenses, sitting alone in

your office listening to music or watching your favorite movie.  Isn’t it a dream job?

Another great aspect of the job is that you read and learn new things everyday.  It is different from

being limited to one major field…you can translate law, medical, IT, Engineering, Finance… just about anything, learning so much every time.  Your vocabulary is accumulated like money in the savings account.

And the best part…they can communicate thanks to you.  They say the difference is like night and day because

you translated for them.  Isn’t this the best time to be a Korean translator?


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