Lockheed Martin and EADS failing to submit Korean translation for RFP

June 20, 2012 by  
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It was reported on June 19, 2012 that Lockheed Martin which is a F35 manufacturing company and EADS which is a Eurofighter manufacturing company failed to meet the requirements of RFP such as omitting a

As the regulation requires there should be more than two bidders and only Boeing will remain after two companies drop out, they will be given new opportunities.

DAPA will announce the project on the 20th again, and receive the proposal by July 5.

koreaninterpreters.net has been involved in such RFP for a decade.  It usually involves a huge volume of English to Korean translation of hundreds of thousands of words.  Then the final version comes at the last moment, and we are given a humanly impossible deadline.  Although we have a pool of about 40 very qualified translators, we had to work day and night and our chief editors had to stay overnight without sleeping for days, ending up in bleeding nose because we never have enough time to go through all the documents to make them consistent.  Some translators invariably have family emergencies and car breakdowns or computer breakdowns and drop out or send horrible translation, so our editors just keep on proofreading endlessly for days until the job finally leaves to Korea.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they plan ahead and give translators about one year to

translate such a huge volume of documents?  But unfortuantely, the final version always arrives late,

and the schedule is always humanly impossible, even with the best of our translators.

But we are happy to do the job, knowing that our work can help one nation choose the right defense weapons for themselves by promoting accurate translation.  So, Korean defense and the world peace needs the help of Korean translators who can deliver accurate translation.


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