Resources on Korean language

Dictionaries: – English/Chinese/Japanese – Korean (one direction) – English-Korean (both directions) – picture dictionary

Specialized dictionaries: – Computer terms – Portal with links to many specialized dictionaries (from poker terms to nuclear sciences)

Courses: – Introductory (English) – From introductory to intermediate III (English) – Introductory (English) – Introductory (English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese) (same as the previous) – Introductory (English, Japanese, Chinese (trad. characters used), Spanish. Free, but registration required) – Wordlists (by word categories) (English) to read, write and pronounce Korean (English) – Wordlists (by word category) (English) – Learn to read, write and pronounce Korean (the Korean alphabet) (English) – Basic course (English) – Course (Spanish) – Basic course (English) – Introductory course (English) – Course and grammar (English) Basic course with audio. courses with video starting with the alphabet and getting to more advanced levels (English) New! The Indiana University Korean online courses (Eglish) New! offers lessons in a fun engaging way, with audio, in 5 levels. (English, some Japanese and some Spanish) New!

Online textbooks: – Wiki-course (English) – Wiki-course (German) – Wiki-course (French) – Wiki-course (Polish) – Wiki-course (Chinese) My Korean 1&2, PDF files with audio files. (English) New

Software: – Parses Korean sites and provides pop-up dictionary entries. Works for Chinese and Japanese too. [contributed by kirsitn in one of the Chinese Forum threads] – A converter between Hangul and Latin alphabet – Korean input system (doesn’t require any kind of installation)

Spell Checker: New! type a word or sentence in the box and click on “확인하기”. Then it will show either a page with “문법 및 철자 오류가 발견되지 않았습니다,” or a page with a lot of explanation of why it is wrong.

Fonts: – Collection of Korean fonts

한겨레 신문
CNN 한글 뉴스
야후 뉴스

TV & Radio broadcasting:
Arirang TV
라디오 코리아 Radio Korea