The Sensitivity of Interpreting and Translation- an Issue that needs Attention

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Charlene Lacandazo

April 25, 2011

Communication is not just important for businesspeople and politicians. It is almost always important to deliver the right message to your audience. Nowadays, in relation to communication and languages we often hear the word “lost in translation”. Though the phrase has become a bit popular, it should not become a habit for everybody.

Getting lost in translation can happen to everyone, whether you are conducting foreign business, court interpreting and even delivering messages on an international informative show such as a current affairs or news programs. We all know that the media are the most influential factor that can really affects human lives. Thus, media practitioners must be responsible in disseminating information to the masses.

One of the popular issues that media have been facing recently related to a speech that the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak delivered. Several international news channels encountered some difficulties in understanding the Arabic language that the Egyptian President used. Most of the interpreters in that various international television channels were native speakers of Arabic, and their knowledge of English did not meet the requirements for interpreting or rendering the messages effectively. Thus, there were differing interpretations about Mubarak’s speech in the various television channels.

Interpretation and translation services are complex processes. It is worth noting to know that every important live on air speech can turn into a disaster if qualified and professional interpreters are not hired. Thus, it is most preferable to hire interpreters who have experience in rendering messages in some international organizations such as the United Nations, European Union or the Red Cross. It is beneficial to hire an interpreter who has experience in political interpreting as well.

Language barriers may affect the relations between all countries. Hence, interpreters and translators can have a big impact globally, both in effective interpreting and in being lost in translation. Even the United States of America admitted that they have poor translation services, mainly in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which became obvious when they needed to publicize information about the 9/11 attack in New York City. It seems that there is a crisis of hiring credible Arabic to English translators in the FBI. This is because most Americans have difficulties trusting dual citizen translators, specifically in the Arabic to English language combination. These translators help to translate whatever messages they would receive from alleged and potential terrorists inside and outside of the U.S.

This could also be a big problem in the translation industry. Translation and interpretation must be based on the original and precise truth of the messages and thus, it should not be biased for any reasons. In translations for Government translation, this can sometimes lead to friction between the government and the translators themselves.

Language matters in every way to us, and so do interpretation or translation. Reliable translation companies mostly hire professional and credible translators. A translation company does not do business only in the translation world but they are a highly efficient medium to everybody to create, measure and attain understanding as well. As long as the world has language barriersFeature Articles, translation companies are the homes of reliable translators that are capable of communicating at a  global level.


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