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Korean translation services

koreaninterpreters.net specializes in Korean to English and English to Korean document translation services. We specialize in Korean legal document translation by court certified translators. Only native speakers will translate and proofread the Korean translation to ensure high quality. Our Korean translators are certified by the State of California government.

Our certified Korean translations are accepted By:

  •   U.S. Superior Court, Federal Court and County Registrar’s Office
  •   Hospitals and doctor’s offices
  •   Immigration USCIS and U.S. Government Offices
  •   Academic Institutions, Medical Boards, Nursing Board, Dental Board, Pharmacy Board
  •   Foreign Governments, Embassies and Their Local Offices

Our certified Korean translators will provide you with accurate certified Korean translation services of various documents including:

  •   Contracts
  •   Patents
  •   Retainer Agreement
  •   Exhibits and deposition transcripts
  •   Medical Records
  •   Power of Attorney
  •   Corporate Documents
  •   Financial Statement
  •   Audit Report
  •   Academic Transcripts and Diploma
  •   Basic Certificate, Family Relations Certificate, Family Registry, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate and Background check for USCIS and embassies
  •   Acadmic Thesis in various fields

Our Korean translators and interpreters in Los Angeles will certify and sign the translated document, stating that it is a true and accurate Korean translation. Then it is sealed by a notary public. Finally, it is stamped and sealed by us. We will keep the Korean translation on file for three years.

Learn more about Korean Web Translation and Localization

We offer comprehensive website Korean translation services. We can duplicate your current website or create an entirely new site for you. We translate HTML, text, and graphics. We work with major advertising firms to localize language and design for local markets.Junhui Park, our lead Korean court certified translator.

Call us at 213-387-3124 for your needs to find Korean interpreters in Los Angeles CA, Orange County CA, Irvine CA, San Diego CA, New York NY, Chicago IL, San Francisco CA, Miami FL, Atlanta GA, Washington DC, Houston TX, Las Vegas NV, New Jersey NJ, Boston MA, New Haven CT, Seattle WA, Oregon, Vancouver BC Canada, Toronto Canada, Arthur Canada, Seoul Korea, Pusan Korea, Anyang Korea, Bucheon Korea, London UK, and all over the world.