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We have the list of over 60 certified interpreters and translators in Los Angeles.
For the information on some of our translators and intepreters, please click the name below.

Junhui Park, Sunny Lee, Brian Min KennyDaeRayAlexSangaPaul, SueJiyoung, GloriaMichael

Jihye Han, Gene Chang, Annie, Philip, Crystal

When you need a Korean interpreter or translator anywhere in the United States,

we can locate them for you.

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some of our representative translators and interpreters.

Los Angeles CAOrange County CA,  Irvine CASan Diego CANew York NYChicago ILSan Francisco CA,  Miami FLAtlanta GAWashington DCHouston TXLas Vegas NVNew Jersey NJBoston MANew Haven CT,  Seattle WAOregonVancouver BC CanadaToronto CanadaArthur CanadaSeoul KoreaPusan KoreaAnyang KoreaBucheon KoreaLondon UK,

Do you have intellectual property depositions in Seoul and need a reliable interpreter?

We have a seasoned State of California court certified interpreter in Seoul to meet your needs and save travel costs.

Do you have business deals with Korean counterparts and need a skillful negotiator and an interpreter?  We have certified interpreters who are bilingual and bicultural and have experiences in business negotiations.

Do you have business documents to be presented in Korea, and want to make sure Korean is high quality and culturally relevant?  Leave it to us.  We will use the top 99% translators to help your business go successful.

Are you going to Korea for a surgery and need a reliable interpreter to communicate with your surgeon?  We have medical interpreters certified by the State of California.

For medical tourism or medical travel to Korea, do not hesitate to use our medical interpreters.

They will provide pick up service at the airport and guide you through doctors and surgeries, and take you back to the airport.

We also have interpreters who can spend days with you providing travel guide to famous places in Korea.

koreaninterpreters.net is committed to break down the language barrier and achieve communication.

Interpreters fees range from $800 a day for depositions and international conferences to $500 a day for tour guide. Call 1-866-327-1004 today or contact info@koreaninterpreters.net.

If you are looking for a Korean interpreter in Seoul, Korea, whether for a court deposition, medical appointment, or business presentation,
we have the right interpreter for you.  We have the list of 50 qualified professional translators and interpreters.

For information on some of them, please click below.

U.S. certified court interpreter Junhui Park, PhD
Biochemical expert translator Joan Koo
Law school graduate former CEO Charlie
Young but accurate bilingual interperter Robert
Medical certified interpreter Jihye Han
IT expert Susie Kim
The most accurate English to Korean translation  Wookie

and more..  Jung Soo , Gong Ryul,  Philip, Sangsook