English to Korean Translation

Language: Korean 
  • Eviction Cases
  • Worker’s compensation interpretation
  • Psychologist interview interpretation
  • Hospital interpretation
  • USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) interpretation
  • CCQC (California Citrus Quality Council) interpretation
  • FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) Interpretation
  • California Agricultural Committee interpretation
  • Translation (English into Korean, Korean into English) performed regularly during during my time on the Korea Times staff in New York
  • Translation of English articles into Korean for Korean-American community
  • Trade Show and convention interpretation
  • General Merchandise Shows
  • Hardware shows (Measuring and leveling tools, surveys, portable heaters, etc.)
  • Hair shows (Wig, Hair Replacement, Hair Goods
  • Beauty supply conventions
  • Interpretation at the booth in the convention center
  • Interpretation and escorting between Korean and American companies
  • Highly technical, chemical and industrial-related interpretation
  • 3 years worth of experience in interpretation & translation during military service that included interpretation during military exercises, communication between high ranking American and Korean officers, and interpretation regarding US Army communication, equipment, and security
  • 2 years of experience at a semi-conductor company (AMKOR, ANAM Semi-Conductor Company, Seoul, Korea), where he served as the communication and business liason between Korean companies and their overseas counterparts (including Motorola, Intel, Texas Instruments, AMD, HP, and many other prestigious semi-conductor related companies).
Education and Credentials:

Dae graduated from Yon Sei University in Seoul, Korea and studied Airplane Design at the College of Aeronautics, and translation and interpretation at LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation.

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